Skin Irregularities

The Lamprobe works on the principle of radio vaporization by various probes. High frequency/Radio frequency technology utilizes a current that is attracted to liquids on the skin surface. This technology enables rapid and precise removal of minor epidermal irregularities such as:

Broken Capillaries $25-$75

Spider Naevi $50-$125

Cherry Angioma-Small $25-$45

Cherry Angioma-Large $35-$75

Fibroma-Small $35-$50

Fibroma -Large $50-$100

Skin-Tags-Small $25-$35

Skin-Tags-Large $55-$75

Milia $15-$20

Cholesterol Deposits $50-$100

Acne Pimples $25-$45

Clogged Pores $15-$20

Cysts $35-$50

For more information and pricing please call for a consultation.


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